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Subflooring Leveling & Grinding services

Are you looking for solutions to update your current concrete floors?

Want to improve the quality, look, and the surface of your concrete flooring? Concrete grinding is the way to go and FLOORS DEPOT can help you achieve the finished look you are going for.
We specialize in upgrading new and existing floors to ensure they meet your specific needs in terms of look and functionality. Whether you want to create a one of a kind look or require a flat and smooth surface for business operations, we are the company to call for all your concrete grinding needs. Our team of professionals have years of experience working with concrete flooring in homes, businesses, warehouses, and more. We use a variety of concrete grinding techniques to ensure you get the finished look you want.


Do you have a concrete floor that you are planning to upgrade or revitalize?

Are you thinking about putting hardwood, laminate, or tile over top of a concrete surface? Then you need to make sure that you properly prepare the concrete surface first. Concrete surface preparation is an important first step for any flooring project that you should never overlook. Failure to properly prepare your surface for an overlay floor, coating, staining, polishing, or repair could be setting you up for issues in the future. Making sure the older surface is clean, smooth and level is a vital part of creating an elegant finished concrete floor.
Concrete surface preparation involves working on your current concrete to look like a plain slab prior to doing any resurfacing work. You need to make sure the texture of the concrete is right for the project you are working on. At FLOORS DEPOT, we can help you with all your concrete flooring needs. We will help you with surface preparation, grinding, and polishing – anything you need to get your concrete surface ready for your project.

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