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FLOORS DEPOT has been in the flooring removal and floor preparation business for many years and we have earned a great reputation among contractors and small businesses alike for our quick, efficient, and outstanding service.

Dustless Tile Removal

We provide Commercial Tile Removal or Residential Tile Removal services at a convenient cost. We have the correct tools and equipment for removing thin-set and tiles dust-free and a team of experienced professionals who are capable of handling complex tasks while making sure we also recycle 90% of the tiles that we remove to avoid any hassles for our clients.

VCT Tile & Adhesive Removal 

We provide old vinyl flooring removal and glue or adhesive residue removal services. Our team is equipped to manage such jobs fast & efficiently. Your Floor Installer will love us and you will have peace of mind that your floor was prepped properly as we believe in providing quality service in the shortest time possible.

Linoleum & Subfloor Removal

Particleboard or subflooring is the most inexpensive type of flooring material that is mostly used by builders. This layer of your flooring is usually a mixture of sawdust and resin glue formed into a sheet. Since sawdust is hydrophilic, over time it begins to s and crumble. We at FLOORS DEPOT have years of experience in removing Linoleum & K3 Subflooring for many happy clients.

Carpet & Carpet Tile Removal

Carpets are usually heavy and filled with dust and allergens. We help you in removing your carpet with our special dust-free carpet removal equipment. Our team is Dedicated and Experienced in removing both Residential & Commercial carpets of All Kinds.


Concrete Grinding & Shot Blasting 

It is important to prepare the flooring before any installation of any new flooring including concrete. To provide better mechanical and chemical adhesion we have to clean and create an even concrete surface as that will give your floors a more durable and long-lasting.


Hardwood Floor Removal

Hardwood Floors are either glued down or floating, each installation process has its benefits. If you are looking to remove your floors it is important you select someone who understands the installation and removal process for both manners of flooring.

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