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Laminate Flooring

Laminate is an exceptionally durable, highly water-resistant flooring product that can give you the look and feel of hardwood, ceramic or stone at a very affordable price. We continue to recommend laminate flooring to our customers at Floors Depot, particular if you want to reproduce the look of hardwood in a moisture-prone area. 


Laminate flooring is made out of a plywood core, a thin image layer and an extremely tough synthetic top layer, which is translucent. These characteristics mean that a laminate floor can closely resemble another material, such as hardwood, while being much cheaper, easier to install, and with fewer maintenance needs.


Since opening our doors in 2005, Floors Depot has been proud to be the premier flooring services and products provider in the Greater Vancouver Area. Let our almost two decades’ of experience work for you so that you can focus on the next step of your renovation with peace of mind. Talk with us and start the process today.


Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring


While laminate flooring is naturally water resistant, it is not a true waterproof product, as pooling water can cause the underlying plywood to warp in extreme circumstances.


To remedy this, several manufacturers have recently released true waterproof products, such as Pergo. These use a special layer and joint technology to create a product that is 100% waterproof, similar to a vinyl floor. This allows you to bring the great appearance and easy installation of laminate flooring into areas of your home prone to moisture and spills, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.


AC rating is a metric that determines the durability of your laminate flooring product. “AC” stands for “Abrasion Coefficient”, and it measures how the product stands up to a variety of potential injuries, such as friction, moisture, heat and impact. 


The lowest score, AC1, indicates a product that is appropriate only for light-traffic areas, such as a guest bedroom. The highest score, AC5, would be an extremely durable product suitable for floors in a shopping mall or commercial center. You probably wouldn’t want to install this in your home, both because it is an expensive, specialized product, and because it can be hard on bare feet!

Laminate AC Rating
Laminate Flooring Types


As laminate flooring is a composite product, there are a wide variety of surface types available. Here are some of the more popular choices:

  • Smooth: A smooth varnish finish, similar to what you would find on a finished hardwood floor

  • Textured: This finish is embossed to mimic the grains you might see on certain hardwood flooring types. It gives more of the character of hardwood with the advantages of laminate flooring 

  • Distressed: This product has been distressed or scraped by hand to closely mimic the texture of a real hardwood floor

Not sure which laminate flooring product is right for you? If you’re questioning the right level of waterproofing or AC rating for your new floor, our experts would love to answer your questions. 


Laminate Stairs

Laminate flooring is a great fit for stairs, bringing an attractive appearance with solid durability, with the usual cost-effectiveness of the product.


Custom floor treads are available in a wide range of laminate styles and products, making this material a perfect choice for the stairs in your home.


Commercial Laminate Flooring

With its appealing combination of appearance, durability, ease of installation, and cost, laminate floors are a popular choice for many commercial establishments. 


Commercial areas tend to be high traffic, so the laminate products selected tend to be AC4 or AC5 rated. They are also highly water resistant or waterproof, resistant to yellowing from UV light, and tend to carry more warranties and guarantees, provided the product is installed correctly and treated with care.


When it comes time to install your laminate floor, Floors Depot is ready to work with you every step of the way. After reviewing our extensive collection of samples in the comfort of your own home and making your selection, sit back and let us do the work.


Laminate is another flooring material that is incredibly easy to install, making it a popular choice for DIYers. However, we always recommend you leave it to the pros and let our team make installing your new laminate floor a smooth and painless experience!


After choosing your desired flooring product(having trouble deciding- talk with one of our experts to view our massive sample catalog from the comfort of your home), our team will provide you with a detailed quotation based on the measurements of your property. 


When the day of installation arrives, our team will arrive and carefully move any furniture out of the area where the new flooring is to be installed. Then we will remove the old flooring, ensure your subfloor is smooth, and install the underlayment if the product requires it. Then we’ll proceed to installing your laminate product of choice!


Finally, we’ll return your home to the same condition we found it. We’re happy to say we’re typically in and out in less than a day. 


Any questions about the laminate installation process? As the best laminate flooring specialists in Vancouver, our team would be more than happy to answer them for you!


euro original laminate flooring in vancouver
mohawk flooring vancouver


To recap, here are the key advantages of laminate flooring:


  • Very water resistant, with specialized waterproof variants available.

  • Can be made to closely resemble hardwood, stone, or ceramic products.

  • Mimics more expensive products at a fraction of the cost.

  • Different levels of durability are available depending on your needs, from delicate (AC1) to highly durable (AC5).

  • Easy to clean and maintain.

  • Laminate products for stairs are available.

  • Installation is very simple.


Contact us today to speak with the best laminate flooring providers in Vancouver! We would be happy to help you select the best laminate flooring for you.


We are proud of every job we do. No matter how big or how small, we always give our best work. We like to think of it as putting a smile on a sad floor’s face (and yours!).


The Best Team
In The Business

Our great reputation is built on our team of flooring professionals. Together they have lifetimes of experience in every part of the process and a deep knowledge of our products and services.

All-in-One Service

When you work with us, we handle every aspect of the flooring process. From our first consultation all the way through to the finishing touches of the installation, this lets us provide you with a smooth experience that we have mastered from start to finish.

Best Price

By performing the entire process in-house and building on our great relationships with our suppliers, we’re confident that we can always offer you the best prices in the industry.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Whenever there’s an option, we choose the environmentally friendly one. We consider environmental stewardship to be part of our business model. Modern hardwood floors are sourced from renewable timber resources.

Guaranteed Quality

We only work with trustworthy companies and suppliers that have a reliable track record of delivering top-quality products. When you work with us, you’ll know exactly what you are getting.

Individual Approach

We treat each and every client as a new opportunity to show why we are the premier flooring specialist in the area. Reach out to us today to learn first hand why we are the best!


We required an emergency floor replacement due on very short notice. We called Alex at 4pm on Friday afternoon and he was there by 6. Within days our floor was replaced and we were able to move back in. Alex and his team did an outstanding job. Their customer service is excellent. Marjan and I highly recommend Floors Depot!

Kevin Day


Alex was a clear communicator. The job was done quickly and he was accommodating to our tight schedule. When some unforeseen challenges came up with the renovation (out of his control) he solved it and kept the project on schedule. Our floors look great, and the whole experience was stress free. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone!

Joey Mitchell


Great price and excellent service from the Floors Depot store! They did a beautiful job installing our new laminate floors and paying special attention to finishings and trims. Thank you for a job well done. I will definitely refer you to my family and friends.

Laurie H.



Serving Greater Vancouver/ Metro Vancouver Areas:

Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Langley, New Westminster, White Rock, Pitt Meadows, Township of Langley


Can laminate flooring be installed on steps?

Yes, laminate flooring is a great choice for steps, to make things even simpler, there are specialized products available for stairs. Talk to your professionals today to plan your laminate stairs.

Can laminate flooring be installed on heated floors?

Absolutely. However, it is important that the floor temperature not exceed 26C. Our team would be happy to guide you through this specialized installation.

What is underlayment and do I need it?

Underlayment is a layer of material, such as cork or foam. Underlayment is necessary for insulation, sound absorption, and protection against moisture. 


Some laminate flooring products come with underlayment already attached, and some require a separate layer to be installed. Additionally, a laminate floor installed over concrete requires an underlayment with a vapor barrier to protect against moisture damage. Our team can recommend the right underlayment product to you once you have selected your laminate floor.


Still have questions about laminate flooring? If you want to make sure you’re selecting the perfect laminate flooring product for your project, talk with our team at Floors Depot. Flooring is our passion and we would love to point you in the right direction.

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