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The image reveals a breathtaking sight of a refinished hardwood flooring. The glossy surface reflects natural light, casting a radiant glow throughout the room. Meticulously installed, the hardwood planks showcase their inherent beauty with rich, deep tones and exquisite grain patterns. The flawless craftsmanship is evident in the seamless alignment of the planks, creating an uninterrupted expanse of elegance. The refinished surface boasts a lustrous finish that not only enhances the wood's natural allure but also ensures its long-lasting durability. With its impeccable style and tasteful decor, the room is transformed into a space of timeless sophistication, where the refinished hardwood flooring stands as a captivating centerpiece.

No matter what wood is used, hardwood flooring is designed to last for decades. Most people who install a new hardwood floor will only do it once for that space. It is easy to maintain, it is friendly to those with allergies, it works with any décor, and it is built to last. All of these features make hardwood flooring one of the most appealing options.

While you may not replace your entire floor often, if at all, you may want to look into refinishing services from time to time. This provides a way to rejuvenate old flooring, and in some cases, give your floor a completely new look.

What Is Hardwood Refinishing?

In simple terms, hardwood refinishing is a floor rejuvenation project that involves sanding the top layer and applying a stain and lacquer over the existing wood. Because the previous layer of stain will have been removed, the new stain does not have to match the original colour.

Is Refinishing the Same as Resurfacing?

No. When you refinish your floor, all you are doing is sanding the top layer and adding a fresh coat of stain. It is done for the purpose of revitalizing the look of your floor and changing the colour if you choose to.

Resurfacing is more involved, and it is done for the purpose of making the floor functionally better. Old worn-out planks are removed and replaced with new ones, uneven boards are sanded down, and all of the planks are inspected and reinforced with new nails if needed. In many cases, a resurfacing job is followed by a refinishing.

How Is Refinishing Done?

Unless you are a DIY expert, you will want to leave the refinishing job to flooring experts who have worked with all kinds of hardwood floors. We especially recommend hiring a professional if you have a herringbone floor since care has to be taken to preserve the pattern.

How To Get Started

If you are ready to give your floor a new look, give us a call. We will ask you questions about your floor and the space it is in, how old it is and what wood it is made of. Using this information, we will present you with some recommendations and a quote, and we will schedule a day to get started.

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