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Marmoleum: A Sustainable Flooring Option

What is Marmoleum Made Of

Marmoleum is a high-quality, durable, and water-resistant flooring material that has been returning to the spotlight for its environmentally friendly and sustainable qualities. Marmoleum is just a form of ‘natural linoleum’ and is very close to the original linoleum products that were manufactured 100 years ago.

Marmoleum is a composite product, made from linseed oil, pine-tree rosin, and sawdust. A variety of natural pigments can be added to produce the wide range of colours and designs available. All the raw materials are sustainably harvested.

Natural linoleum and Marmoleum were once very popular, but they later fell out of fashion due to their association with inexpensive flooring and from the competition with plastics. However, they are now making a comeback, thanks to the excellent properties of the material, it's easy to clean nature, and its environmentally friendly qualities.

The product is produced in large sheets and cut to order to provide a Marmoleum or natural linoleum floor covering.

Difference Between Linoleum And Marmoleum

In reality, Marmoleum is just a kind of linoleum. However, over the years different companies began using different recipes for their own linoleum flooring, and some even retail plastic or other products as linoleum. Marmoleum has been made for decades as a patented product of the Forbo company according to the original linoleum production methods. It’s still derived from 100%, all-natural, and sustainable ingredients, including the dyes used.

Another important advantage of Marmoleum is that it does not require the use of adhesive dyes during installation. If you opt for Marmoleum click flooring, the pieces of your floor will slot together and hold without the use of any glue or cement.

This is a great advantage for those sensitive to scent or chemicals, as Marmoleum does not off-gas any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). If you opt for Marmoleum Click the odours from glue or cement are removed from the equation as well. Another advantage for those with sensitivities is that a Marmoleum floor does not hang on to dust or dirt, does not contain allergens, and has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Marmoleum Care And Maintenance

When looking at how to maintain your Marmoleum, you first should verify with Forbo how your product is finished. Some of the company’s products include special finishes, such as Topshield, which require specialized maintenance to avoid weakening or removing the finish.

With any Marmoleum or natural linoleum product, care needs to be taken not to use harsh or overly acidic cleaning supplies. Products like bleach have no place on your Marmoleum floor! As it is a natural product, the material of the floor will be very vulnerable to damage from these more powerful solutions.

As the product naturally resists stains and doesn’t hold dust or dirt, regular sweeping or vacuuming is sufficient for everyday maintenance. Make sure that your broom or vacuum has soft bristles and won't abrade your floor. Dry mopping can be another great way to keep your floors clean.

Sometimes caked on dirt, sticky stains, or other dirt will require more intensive cleaning. If this is the case, use a bucket of warm water and a special, pH neutral product that is cleared for use with Marmoleum. While Marmoleum is highly water-resistant, not every product will be truly waterproof. Make sure you avoid pooling water and quickly mop up any excess.

At least a few times a year, it's also a good idea to refinish your floors. There are many finishes on the market, and any properly-formulated finish will help keep your floor looking great and shield it from damage.


Marmoleum or natural linoleum products are fantastic flooring choices. Durable, water-resistant, and affordable, Marmoleum is a great choice for kitchens, below-grade basements, and some bathrooms. An all-natural product, Marmoleum is produced sustainably and doesn’t release allergenic chemicals or scents into the air. By opting for Marmoleum click, you can completely avoid the use of adhesive in your installation as well.

Marmoleum could be a fantastic flooring option for you, especially if you need flooring that can resist moisture and handle foot traffic.


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