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How to Choose The Best Carpet For Your Home in Vancouver BC?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Image of a stunning living room with plush carpeting installed, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
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Carpet flooring is a crucial aspect to consider for your home. It provides not only comfort but also one of the most prominent visual characteristics of any room.

While people are shopping for carpeting, they often focus exclusively on price and colour. Those things are both important, but there’s another aspect that is just as important as those: the fibre of your carpet.

Unless you work in the flooring industry, you probably do not know too much about how to select a good carpet fibre. On this page, we’ll help you figure it out.

The Best Types of Carpet Fibres

You need to consider how you live in each room in order to select the right carpet fibre for your home. Rooms in which kids play a lot shouldn’t be treated the same as rooms that see very little traffic.

Carpet fibre comes in four major types:

  • Nylon: This is the perfect carpet choice for your home if you have a pet at home or children. It’s stain resistant and has higher durability when treated with stain protection.

  • Polyester: Has a luxurious look and feel. Its combination of colours and styles is wonderful and is a good recommendation if the amount of traffic in your home is normal.

  • Olefin: Stain and moisture resistant, but its wearability is slightly lower than that of nylon and polyester. This type is recommended for loop pile construction or cut piles that are highly dense.

  • Wool: Known for its natural beauty. It’s naturally resistant to soil but isn’t inherently stain resistant. It looks good for a longer time frame and is also well constructed.

  • With that, you have a full background education on carpet fibres. Let’s get into some more useful details.

The Best Carpet Construction

Did you know that about 90 percent of carpet flooring systems are manufactured as tufted carpets? The tufting machine which makes these carpets has hundreds of needles that insert stitches into the carpet’s backing to make the carpet’s face file.

The durability, appearance, and price of your carpet will depend on how well it was made. This is influenced by two factors:

  • Twist: This refers to the tightness of the twisted fibres. A good carpet that will endure crushing and matting has a tightly twisted yarn. Frieze carpet style has the highest levels of twists per inch (TPI) 7-9, while most cut pile carpet styles have 3-6 TPI.

  • Density: Denser carpets have closely placed fibres. The denser the carpet, the higher the level of performance and wearability. You can check for carpet density by pressing fingers on the carpet fibres and see whether you will reach the carpet backing.

The Best Carpet Textures

Texture is the feel and consistency of an object. There are three carpet textures:

  • Cut pile: Cut pile carpet has yarns that are cut at the end. It has a soft feel that makes it favourable for home areas that require comfort – living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms. The five basic styles of cut pile carpet are: velvet, Saxony, frieze, shag, and cable.

  • Loop: Loop carpets have looped and uncut yarns on the carpet surface. They are ideal for areas with heavy traffic because they are strong and hide wear-and-tear well.

  • Cut-loop: As the name suggests, cut-loop carpets combine high cut tufts and lower loops in sculptured patterns. They have good performance but are a bit less durable than loop carpet styles.

How to Choose Carpet Colour?

When thinking about the appropriate colour for your carpet flooring, view the floor as a wall that connects all other design elements in your house. Take a look at the walls, windows, and other furnishings in your house. After internalizing the picture, ask yourself, “What colour will match these elements?” The synergy of all the various components makes a big difference in the look of your floor.

You can also get colour samples from the carpet store, where you will be assisted by carpet flooring experts. The great thing about samples is that you can take them home and physically set them on your floor to see how the colour will look.

Also, as mentioned earlier, think about how the room is going to be used. Heavy use requires a more durable fibre. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing the carpet much faster than you would have preferred.


To conclude, remember that the choice of carpet style that you make for your home will have a big effect on its appearance, comfort, and attractiveness. Think into the future by considering important factors such as the fibre type for your carpet and how durable it is, as well as carpet texture.

The most appropriate carpet flooring selection for your home will depend on the area that is being carpeted and on the heaviness of traffic. Having a good understanding of carpet construction will help you select the right strength of carpet for your room, and thinking about the personality you want a room to express will help narrow down the right colour.


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